Deathstalker demigods Series
Rise of the Deathstalkers

Check out the fictional universe of the Deathstalker Demigods in the story about one Deathstalker who suddenly regains consciousness after being a mindless monster for months.

From Book 1 of Rise of the Deathstalkers®:  A male Deathstalker regains consciousness...
      Waking up to discover the apocalypse had begun, and to find that I was no longer human, was not how I thought my day would go. But then again, I supposed I was thankful to just have another day to begin with, considering I’d apparently been a mindless monster for the last several months.
      The city was a mess, with many buildings destroyed by massive black towers that rose into the sky like enormous thorns. And yet, despite all this, I was about to discover that the monsters and bizarre landscape weren’t the strangest things about the apocalypse.
      At least, not if the visual hallucination that displayed game-like stats counted.

Check out this amazing story now, with Book 1: Rise of the Deathstalkers: a GameLit Post-Apocalyptic Adventure.


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