Demon Demigods Series
Demon Seer

Check out the fictional universe of the Demon Demigods in the story about Michael Thorpe, and his struggle to survive the unexpected encounter with a seductive demoness, who is far from what she seems.

From Book 1 of  Demon Seer®: Michael Thorpe had been considering asking his best friend Riley Sullivan to be his girlfriend, at least until he met another girl who instantly stole his heart.
      The problem is, the object of his sudden infatuation isn’t exactly normal. She has horns, wings, and a tail…and to complicate matters, she might have a fatal interest in Michael derived from her need for human blood.
      Will his newfound love interest lead to his untimely death?
      Or can he find a way to make it work out between him and his demon girlfriend?

Check out this amazing story now, with Book 1: Demon Seer: a Paranormal Romance.


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