Immortal Supers® Series
The Life of an Immortal

Check out the fictional universe of the Immortal Supers® in the story about Sam Archer, and his daily struggle to get through life as an unkillable super.

From Book 1 of The Daily Struggles of an Immortal: In a world where almost everyone has a superpower, Sam Archer finds himself with one of the most useless abilities of all – immortality. Sure, he can’t die, but he sure as hell can’t fight back either. If anything, the incapacity to die has turned out to be a hassle for Sam, with ridiculous requests for obnoxious favors being a primary concern. However, his coworker Lily Dodson is about to make his life a lot more interesting with her unique proposal.

Check out this amazing story now, with Book 1: The Daily Struggles of an Immortal: a Superpower Men's Fantasy Adventure.


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